Avid readers unite!

“Books are proof that humans can do magic…”


As an avid reader I often find myself lost in between the pages of a different world, it’s exciting to me and sadly isn’t experienced by everyone…

I began this blog mainly to share my ideas about books as well as to expand my bookshelf and possibly even yours. I look forward to taking this adventure because I’m sure it will be exhilarating and I cannot wait to begin!

Great stories are told from beginning to end and so I feel that is the way I should do it, the beginning being me.
I am currently fourteen and as I stated before, an avid reader. I also write, fangirl and hold conversations with my cat which are always interesting. I’m in grade 9 in high school and live in South Africa, Cape Town.

I will not be giving out my actual name on the blog as yet and that is why I go by my pen name; Kat Silver. There is a story behind the name but one I don’t feel the need to tell and it holds no relevance in any case.

On my blog I will be doing reviews of books and possibly movies, interviews at a later stage with authors and other book bloggers and book suggestions. I have a lot of ideas at the moment, nothing set in stone as yet but I am looking forward to taking the plunge and beginning.

Although very rough, this is a start and I’m eagerly waiting to write again…

Feel free to contact me:
Email- KatSilver1212@gmail.com
Instagram- KatSilver12 / Forever_fangirl_12
Twitter- KatSilver12


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