Late one afternoon at school I found myself under a company of trees, seated on a bench and reading a book.

I’m not quite sure what I was reading exactly but I remember being quite involved in the book. The words were swallowing me up hole, the characters dragging me into their world and I’m sure that the tension within that paragraph was quite high because I was very unimpressed when someone called for my attention.
The girl who called to me was young and asked why I was reading. I really didn’t want to mean to the little girl, I was reading and everyone should know not to bother an avid reader while doing what they love, but I managed to mumble out that I enjoyed it. The girl then frowned and replied by saying that she didn’t read because it was boring and only nerds did it. At the time I just waved her away but once my intense chapter was done and I was home I couldn’t stop thinking about what that girl had said.
I couldn’t help but think about all the sassy ways in which in could have replied to her, that wasn’t what kept her on my mind though… The main problem was that she had said that reading was boring…

Reading is anything but a bore.

I truly pity anyone who says that reading is boring because honestly how could it be? It’s an escape from the cruel, strange and confusing world that we live in. It opens doors into many other worlds where you can become someone else, fight dragons, wield magic, fall in love and dream big. Reading allows us to open up our minds and live in someone else’s, it lets us create beings that exist only in our imagination and encourages us to open ourselves, dig deep and pull out the largest dreams possible and then live them.

When I read I feel at peace, my biggest problems when reading is that my eyes or arms get sore or, books forbid, my favourite characters don’t end up together. Many people see reading as a hobby or pass-time, I for one see reading as a life style. Once you open a book and fall in love there is no closing it, not completely anyway because books will always be there, to hold you love you and feel for you when you need it…

We see the world differently when we read and if I could hop back in time I would go back to the day that I waved that little girl away. I would go back and use the sassy comments that I have thought long and hard about but also I would talk to her, try to let her see that books are great, magical worlds filled with fun and enjoyment.

Sometimes I need to remember to pull my head from my book and take a look around, just before looking down again and turning the page…


3 thoughts on “OH MY…BOOKSHELF!

  1. I know what you mean! My boyfriend always looks at me like I’m crazy when I pass up watching TV to read a book (which I always return with a look of pity for him for not knowing the beauty of reading!)


  2. Really like this post!! I too can’t understand how those poor unfortunates never learned to love reading. We can but do our bit to bring our own children up with plenty of stories and the desire to let their imaginations run free šŸ™‚ I hope you see her again though, who knows, maybe you can help open up new worlds for her…


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