Join the Bookworm Revolution

I am a bookworm.

It seems quite strange to state such a simple ideal, the reason being I think everyone should be bookworms… Besides the possible emotional turmoil that may be inflicted on the reader and perhaps the loss of sleep as you excitedly clutch onto your book awaiting to find out the truths that have been bound inside, there are no negatives to being a bookworm.

We (the endangered species, known as Bookworms) have come to the realization that without help we will become extinct. Many of us are scared of dying out, leaving behind our beloved books to people whom will not read them and so we are beginning The Bookworm Revolution!

We are campaigning to bring a love of books to the younger generation, if you are a bookworm we ask for your help in keeping the reading spirit alive, we long for every child to be an avid reader. It can happen and will happen, the first step lies with you…

Join the revolution and decrease world suck…



Instagram: @/BookwormRevolution

Twitter: @/Bookrevolution0

Yours within the revolution,

Kat Silver


One thought on “Join the Bookworm Revolution

  1. Reblogged this on Kat Webber and commented:
    I am a bookworm and I approve this message.
    We are a dying breed, the book lovers of the world. Which is more depressing for my romantic notion of meeting my soulmate in a bookstore.
    Put down and down off your electronic device and pick up a book. Learn something new, experience an adventure, a love story, let the writing pull you into a world that is not your own. Cry, laugh, rage, seethe, be joyful and courageous.
    A reader can live a thousand lives. How many will you live?


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