Tortuous Shadows Review

Eighteen-year-old Aria Morgan, her Dviinu brother Aaron, and their mother are virtually nonexistent members of Avalon Valley, a remote village cupped in the hands of paradise. Outcast since birth, Aria has resigned herself to the grim reality that, without finding love and bearing a child in the next few years, she will die – the unkind result of the Darkness’ unrelenting grip on humanity.
But when a harrowing ordeal brings Aria’s end hauntingly near, fate intervenes in the form of Liam Trey, handsome Avalon Valley newcomer. Liam is the kind of guy Aria can see herself having a future with, but her sordid family history follows her like shadows. If she bares her secrets, Liam could reject her, but what does she have to lose?
Despite her fears, Liam has fallen for Aria and so begins their relationship, fragile at best, troubled at worst, and tested to no end. Still, Aria’s future has never been brighter…until Liam is shunned for his association with her, and a warning brings Aria face to face with a decision that will cost her everything she thought she’d never have.

Tortuous Shadows, by Jennifer Parr

I have never been one to lose myself within stories where love plays a major role or where there are constant mysteries and secrets, where you are always thinking and second guessing every decision made…

That was, until I read Tortuous Shadows.

Admittedly it took me awhile to read but in no way does that stop the way I feel about this book. I absolutely adored it and cannot wait to read the next one!

At times I felt that Aria had grown too dependant on Liam (love interest) and that perhaps Aaron (Arias brother) was overreacting and that some of the ideas seemed to be amplified way too much but then I realised that Aria is a teenager, she reacts the way all teenagers do. Aaron, from the start played as a protective brother and so he was simply keeping to his character and the ideas that seemed amplified too much simply made the story that much more interesting.

Everything that happened had meaning and explanation and after thinking about all the problems I had with the book they seemed to just cancel themselves out completely. The writing was great and description made me feel like I was living in Avalon Valley…

With many twists and turns it’s guaranteed that Tortuous Shadows will be anything but a bore.

Yours within the Bookworm Revolution,
Kat Silver


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