My trip to paradise…

My trip to paradise (the bookstore) usually involves hours upon hours of emotional preporation, a months worth of savings as well as a strong security guard to take me off the premises…

Book shopping is exciting and fun as well as fairly emotional. I walk in and all of my friends line the shelves waving their pages at me with longing, their blurbs entice me and leave me hungry for more. The covers leap out as I approach, causing me to change my route just so I pass that one particular book with the dazzling image and interesting title.

My mind swarms as I grab them, imagining the hours and hours I have before me filled with reading and fun- and then, she (my mom) approaches and tells me the words that cause me to gasp.
“Only one today.”
Now obviously I can buy books with my own money but due to buying books the month before I often find myself broke…and so this rattles my brain. I can only take home one, one of these wonderful, amazing books…

Which shall it be?

It’s a difficult decision to make. It took me forever, at first, to figure out how to decide but basically, I look at the book as a package. The blurb needs to be great, the cover exciting and any recommendations need to urge me to grab the book and read it right there in the store.

It’s always difficult though because I like many books for different reasons. Most of the time I narrow my choice down to two books and then sit there, on the floor starring at these items that have caused a conundrum.
My mom complains at how we need to go…but still I sit, starring.

Eventually she helps me decide. You know how?
That’s right.
“Just get both.”

My first reaction, is absolute excitement and once I have the two books in my possession I can’t help but wonder, if I had sat there with all the ones I liked might she have said yes to them too?

Yours within the Bookworm Revolution,
Kat Silver


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