Let’s travel to the world of tomes

I long to travel to the great doors of happiness and cast them open to reveal the rows upon rows of friends that await, patiently, for me to collect them and take them home…
That’s right, I’m talking bout a bookstore.

I haven’t been to the bookstore in what feels like forever! (Admittedly it has only been about a week since I have been to one but let me tell you, a week is a dreadfully long time when you are in constant search for books.)
I actually started thinking about book shopping again after reading one of my friends blog posts, she did a review on Teardrop by Lauren Kate and within the review she spoke about a bookstore that I haven’t been to in a while, so thanks to her, I have a mission for this weekend… Bookstore, here I come!

Back to the point of this post,
I always find myself wondering how everyone sees bookstores…
I see them as wondrous places of self discovery, adventure and fun where you are free to imagine anything you like and go on journeys that will ultimately be unique to you and you alone. There are people who see bookstores as being full of knowledge and power, passion and information that is just waiting to be discovered. There are those who find bookstores fascinating, these are the ones who walk along the rows but are careful not to touch anything or look too closely. There are the bookworms that fasten their hands to their sides so that they do not take every book home and then there are, sadly, those who think that bookstores are a bore…

I feel bad for those people, I really do and I hope that sometime soon the get to experience the wonders known as a bookstore.

Let us travel to the world of tomes; fill our bags, empty our wallets, go home and settle down with book in hand.
Next time you visit a bookstore take someone along with you and introduce them to the happiness…

Let me know what you think of bookstores in the comments below đŸ™‚

Don’t forget to check out my friends blog,


Yours within the Bookworm Revolution,
Kat Silver


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