Not really about books but inspirational nonetheless…

Exams are around the corner, for me anyway, which means; stress, procrastination and a slightly confused but very busy Kat Silver…

For many people at my school exams are a good time of year, the reason being that our time at school is minimized considerably. Writing exams at my school means arriving and writing at 9 or 10 in the morning, finishing by 12 and then going home. Sounds good right? Only ever 3 or 4 hours of school for over a month! That sounds fantastic!

No. Just- no.

Writing exams is one of my least favourite times of the year. Exams mean stress, a lot of unwanted strain where I freak out about exams constantly, worrying that I will fail, that I won’t make myself and my family proud and most of all that I will forget to write my name on the exam paper…

Exams mean procrastination. I go home after writing with great intentions to study and I start off really well too! I eat, eat some more, get all my studying material out and then…BOOKS or SOCIAL MEDIA decide to interrupt my day. Hours pass and still no studying has been done. Yes, I have finished a book, yes I have posted on all of my sites but I am not ready for my exam for the following day…

Confusion also happens to strike during exams. So once I have finally gotten myself to study there is that one thing, one formula, one sentence, one chapter, one whatever that I simply don’t understand… So I try and do my best to make sense of it, I fail miserably though and end up just staring at my page, waiting for the understanding to come to me. It never does and sends me into panic because that one thing could potentially decide if I pass or fail.

And on top of all that, there is also the fact that I am busy that plays a major role when it comes to exams. I am super busy, all the time. When I’m not doing homework or projects or writing or keeping all my platforms updated I am sleeping and I don’t even do that very much… I have so much to do in such little time and quite honestly I spread myself to thin. I know that but it hasn’t stopped me yet. I just keep adding to the pile though. I know I’m busy yet I still audition for plays. I know I don’t have time but I still tutor people. I understand that I’m going to regret it but I continue to live on 5 hours of sleep.

My exams stress me out and I am sure that everyone has their own struggles and problems to deal with but (getting to the point of this post) I never stop doing what I love. I don’t stop writing or reading or talking to everyone who emails and messages me even though I don’t know some of those people from a bar of soap.

It’s important that we do what we love and never give up on it. It makes us who we are. Without reading I wouldn’t handle all that I do.
I often use reading as my escape and I’m proud that books can do that to me. That they can take me away from my busy, over dramatic fourteen year old struggles and take me somewhere extraordinary.

Do what you love and love what you do because it shows you who you are.

This post doesn’t really relate to books and for that, I apologise, however I was really inspired to write this.
My inspiration came from Troye Sivan and one of his latest videos on his YouTube channel titled, “Becoming You.”
I really hope you watch it, it isn’t too long and is a definite confidence booster! (I watched it, for the first time, while I should have been studying…during one of my procrastination moments.)

Link to Troye Sivans video:

Yours within the Bookworm Revolution,
Kat Silver


2 thoughts on “Not really about books but inspirational nonetheless…

  1. i can’t watch the video, because my internet connection is heart-breakingly slow. i hope, however, that you’ll do great on your exams, or just pass, or whatever your aim is.

    for the time when you passed your exams (or even for a time when you want to procrastinate), i nominated you as newbie blogger. maybe you’d like to do this, it’s just a fun q & a for new bloggers. stop by my blog to read more.

    good luck on your exams, kane.


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