On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…NOTHING, because he’s fictional!

December is upon us!

The whole year has simply flashed before my eyes and I cannot believe that this is it, the final month of 2014!
The thought alone, quite honestly, scares me…

2015 is around the bend and for me, that means grade 10 (standard 8) where I will be taking my first “choice” subjects and I’m terrified that I may have chosen wrong?
I was told that there is “no wrong subjects” to take but these subjects determine what universities I can go to and what I can study at tertiary level. I’m excited though and quite confident to be taking my compulsory subjects: English, Mathematics, Afrikaans and Life Orientation as well as my “choice” subjects: Accounting, Business Studies and Dramatic Arts.

2015 also means a brand new year!
There are tons of books to be read and exciting events coming up as well as a super-duper-exciting journey that I will be taking, which you should keep your eyes open for. I don’t mean a literal journey but figuratively…actually come to think of it there is a literal journey I will be taking too! Hopefully I will be heading over to the UK sometime next year, which is something I have not stopped thinking about.

2015 is going to be the year of books!… and studying…

Before I get too carried away with the prospect of 2015 there is still a whole month ahead of us.

December is probably my favourite time of year! Not only does it mean that there is no school, which is always something to celebrate, it also means my birthday is coming up and this year I will be turning 15 and please, let us not forget my favourite holiday: Christmas!

My exams will be finished soon and then all of my energy will be thrown into getting ready for my holiday, which means procrastination, reading, blogging and last minuet packing before hopping on a plane and heading over to Johannesburg for a few weeks.

I am excited for December and cannot wait for Christmas and OH MY BOOKSHELF- its my birthday in under a week!-

So much is going on and I hope that you are all as excited as I am for the up coming month.
While buying presents I encourage you all to treat yourself to a good few books for the holidays and smile because 2015 is on its way!

Yours within the Bookworm Revolution,
Wishing you a happy December,
Kat Silver


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