Pucked by Rachel Walter

“You are never alone.”
-Rachel Walters, author of Pucked.

Recently I read Pucked, a contemporary romance novel outlining issues that are often misunderstood or that we are oblivious to.

Author Rachel Walters opens our eyes to an interesting, gut wrenching problem that takes place in most families around the world.
Parental Alienation.

If you’re like I was a few hours ago you have no idea what Parental Alienation is but, don’t worry I will explain it.
Parental Alienation is a form of emotional child abuse. It’s the act of alienating a child or children from their parent with purpose and intent to damage the relationship between parent and child.
I just want to state that in most families parental alienation is there…whether it goes unnoticed, is a slight problem or a large one doesn’t matter.
It’s there and Pucked deals with those problems, within a beautiful magical story.

Intriguing, romantic and tear jerking, Pucked could easily be one of my favourite books for a long time to come.


Does life get in the way of love or does love get in the way of life?

Riley Silk doesn’t know the answer to this. He loves. He lives. But he can’t figure out how to merge the two together.
Audrey Jacobs doesn’t believe there is an answer to the love versus life debate. She believes life can’t be lived without love. But even she has difficulties with how to access her own feelings.
Riley and Audrey have been friends for years, best friends. But lines cross and blur. Their functional relationship turns into an unconventional mess, and they both want to fix it, to go back to the way things were.
Stress, memories, and heartache thrash them both into different directions.
Can Riley cope with everything’s that happened?
Can Audrey overcome her insecurities?

Who keeps the puck?

**Trigger warning- abuse topics in book – Parental Alienation. Mild – alcohol abuse and drug abuse **

Pucked is written from a two point perspective. (Audrey’s and Riley’s)
Audrey and Riley have been friends for years and they have a great relationship…until they don’t… Everything gets complicated between them and they definitely kept me on my toes through the entire book.

Riley is an amazing hockey player who is counting down until he graduates and can leave his broken home where he cares for his adorable sister, problematic mother and her new fiancé. Riley’s father is believed to have left his family five years ago, leaving Riley to be the man of the house but as the plot develops we discover new information and gain perspective over the whole ordeal.
Riley struggles through the book with love, life and everything in between and at times I had to set the book down to wipe my tear filled eyes.

Audrey is the type of girl everyone loves; she has a laid back spirit and is always there for her friends, doing all she can to help. There’s more to Audrey than everyone sees though and that alone kept me reading…
While struggling with her own problems she finds her emotions getting in the way too and she does all she can to control them while going through all she does. With her large loving family, wonderful friends and exciting mudding activities Audrey has a lot going on but still, she is the type of friend anyone could call on for help.

Questions pop up during the book and they kept me turning the pages at lightning speed until early hours of the morning.
Can Riley cope with everything’s that happened?

Can Audrey overcome her insecurities?

Will they be friends…or maybe more?

Who keeps the puck?

I was flat out sobbing by page 35 and I didn’t put the book down until I was finished, I read all through the night and the following morning went to bed with tears in my eyes but a smile on my lips. Of course I can’t guarantee it will be the same for you because you’re different and have your own struggle, your own story but I can guarantee that this book will touch your heart in some, magical way.

I rated Pucked 5 out of 5 stars and read it in under 12 hours.

Pick up this book, beautiful bookworms!
You will not be disappointed!

Follow the link below to get this book,


Yours within the Bookworm Revolution,
Kat Silver


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