Harry Potter 19 hour movie marathon!

Several of my friends and I had spoken about holding an epic Harry Potter marathon for months. Finally, during one of the coldest days of July (winter for us), we plucked up the courage and sat ourselves down for the long haul, hours and hours of pure magic and fun!

Below are the notes I took about our experience. If you have not read/watched Harry Potter beware, this may (probably will) contain spoilers. More importantly though and technically a side note if you haven’t read Harry Potter do that right now because you are missing an essential portion of your childhood.

6:22am, July 14th

I wake up, far earlier than necessary, and force myself out of bed after only four hours sleep the night before. I was reading all night and am regretting it as I hop into the shower and get ready.

I am tired and we haven’t even started the marathon…

11:40 – 12: 40

After an unaffiliated meeting, where I eat delicious breakfast, I arrive at my friend’s house and then we plan our marathon.

Our trusted friend, Google, tells us that watching all eight Harry Potter films in a row will take +19 hours, so, naturally we work out when we will finish.

Kyra and Orissa (pronounced ki-ra- and -a-rissa- ) start getting the movie set up, but because technology sometimes hates us we have a technical difficulty that takes a good half an hour to fix.


Finally, we sit down to watch the first of the 8 films. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for those reading from across the pond).

We decide before to have our Harry Potter marathon overlap a onsie party and so we dress up in onsies and stay like this for the duration of the movies (we are watching in July, meaning it feels like -47 outside and we are all cold. My fluffy supergirl onsie feels like a blessing from above, really).

  • Harry wouldn’t have even been considered for the Ravenclaw House because, instead of collecting a letter from off the ground like most normal people he tries to catch one of the flying ones. *slow clap for Harry Potter*

“You’re a wizard, Harry!” These magical words, said by Hagrid, signify the beginning of an exciting adventure. My excitement builds. We’ve only just scratched the surface of Harry Potter and I don’t feel tired anymore.

  • If I were Harry I would honestly be so upset with Hagrid for not explaining the whole platform 9 ¾ thing.

“They’re saying Snake wrong!” –Orissa. She has only ever called Snape ‘Snake’ and continues to do so through all 8 movies. It isn’t funny, not really. I should be mortified considering I love Harry Potter, but at the time I burst out laughing until my stomach hurts.

  • After the troll attack in the bathroom Professor McGonagall takes 5 points from Hermione and gives 5 to both Ron and Harry. Maybe it’s just me, but shouldn’t there be a rule against the heads of house giving points to the students in their own house?

When introduced to the mirror of Erised (where you can see your deepest desire) I wonder what I would see. I think about seeing myself with my friends perhaps or family or just surrounded by a room full of cats. I can’t quite decide what I would see…

  • Over Christmas, when Harry gets his invisibility cloak, I feel angry. In the books (I love this part) over Christmas time Harry gets a letter from his aunt and uncle saying that his present it attached to the letter. On it is a cello taped 50pence coin. I don’t know why, but I really love this part. For some reason I recall this morsel of information every time I think about book one. I wish it were in the movie too.

Just before the House Cup is announced for the year we spend awhile talking about our hands, which is as strange as it sounds. I offer to trade my thumbs for Kyra’s fingers. Orissa tells us to shush.

  • The House Cup is awarded to Slytherin first and then Dumbledore awards points to Gryffindor. I support Gryffindor completely, but I do think it’s unfair to let Slytherin think they’ve won and then go and change everything.

Also, I’ve always thought I’d be a member of Gryffindor. Not because I was actually brave or anything like that, but more because I really wanted to be in the same house as Harry. If I’m being honest with myself though I would probably be in Ravenclaw. I’d never manage to be in Gryffindor. I mean, I’m terrified for moths for goodness sake!

Movie one ends and we get pizza from the kitchen.


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets begins.

  • Daniel (Harry)’s voice is deeper. Puberty is underway. We discuss how much older they all look and compare their actual ages to character ages.

We are all tired. Reality is sinking in, we have six movies after we complete this one.

  • Ginny reminds us that all celebrity crushes can come true. We take a moment of silence to admire that.
  • When Nearly Headless Nick (the ghost) encounters the Basilisk, like all the other characters who do, Nick gets frozen in place. I wonder how they move him to the hospital ward and how they give him the cure to the Basilisks stare because it’s a potion and surely the potion will just pass through the ghost?
  • I love seeing Harry rescue Ginny from the Chamber of Secrets. I have to restrain myself from yelling “THATS YOUR WIFE, HARRY! YOU JUST DON’T KNOW IT YET!” to not spoil anything for my friends. I love reading the books, I know everything that happens while my friends are clueless to it all.

Watching all 8 Harry Potter movies in a row is not something that can be done in utter silence. If you ever want to do this with friends be prepared for the discussions and talking, without it you get tired way too quickly.


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban begins.

Exhaustion sinks in, night fall is upon us and that makes staying awake even more difficult.

We stop the movie, get up and sing head shoulders knees and toes a few times as well as other nursery rhymes we learnt when we were younger. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  • Michael Gambon plays Dumbledore from here on and I prefer him to the old Dumbledore. This one seems younger, more fit into the action that is required in the following movies/books.
  • Hermione punched Draco and everyone cheers. This is where, if you don’t already, you fall in love with Hermione.

Fun fact about one of my favourite characters, ever : Hermione was given her unusual name because J.K.Rowling felt that if she were given a common name girls with that name would be made fun of for being a nerd.

  • We discuss the Patronus and what ours would be (a Patronus is usually the animal most like yourself, the one that depicts you the best).

Everyone says I would be a cat. I agree.

Reasons: I like cats and that should be enough. Actual reasons : I can sleep anywhere, anytime. I am believed to be a cat because, like them, I have 9 lives, supposedly (I don’t actually have nine lives, it just seems like I do because I continue to survive even though I trip almost 15 times per day).

I have to pause the movie and spend a full 15 minutes explain the time turner to Orissa. She over thinks it.


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire begins.

  • We spend a lot of time discussing how this movie optimizes being an awkward teenager, having to ask someone out, being turned down, awkward encounters…just general, awkwardness.

Orissa mumbles something about going to ‘fetch a candle for the marshmallows’. I assume she is giving up on our marathon. Moments later, she is back and does have a candle. She spends the next while frying marshmallows over a candle for her and myself. Kyra would like to have it known that she wasn’t feeling left out, she just doesn’t like marshmallows.

We eat too much and then eat some more.

We all feel tired, it’s getting late and I can feel my brain telling me to shut down for the evening. After singing head and shoulders again we are wide awake. We keep the room lights on, just in case.

  • I know full and well that it’s Cedric, but all I can think about it Edward.

Orissa and Kyra spend 20 minutes telling me how obsessed with Twilight they used to be. Kyra claims to only have liked Edward because he’s a vampire and she used to go around calling herself vampkyra because of it. Orissa just loves Robbert (Edward/Cedric) because of his jaw line and eyes.

  • I want to shout at Harry and the TV that all he needs to do to save Cedric and win is shout “ACCIO CUP”. I resist the urge, it’s late and we are the only three people in the house not asleep.


We start Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, this or Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire are most probably my favourite movies and I realize that I can quote most them.

We spend most of this movie riveted to the screen, trying to stay awake or eating chips in order to stay awake.

We also discuss how we’d all probably loose or sit on our wands. I would lose my wand so easily and I’d probably forget all the spells as well. I mean, I can barely remember everyone in my families birthdays how am I supposed to remember complicated spells?

We discuss Hermiones hair a lot too and how it gets better over time.

I feel myself falling asleep. This is bad. I’m 107% tired.

Often we bring up how old they really are and how old they are as characters, this is always fascinating, but maybe that’s because we’re tired?

Too tired to take notes on the movie and do my best to stay awake instead.


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is in full swing.

Orissa falls asleep. She tells us to wake her in ten minutes.

Eight minutes later, she is awake and energized.

We have another round of singing and then we stay awake by jumping up and performing all the spells that the characters do. This, surprisingly, helps us.

It is so cold we are wrapped in blankets and huddled together. I say something about being a burrito of happiness and we all laugh. We are tired. That wasn’t even funny.

Snape is one of my favourite characters, mainly because he is the most interesting. All of the other characters, besides Luna Lovegood, are somewhat predictable, but Snape keeps us on our toes and nothing he does it ever expected.

Watching these movies makes me realize how much I would truly love to experience Harry Potter’s world, for real.

I would definitely lose my wand or break it and spend most of my time in the library or my bed, too afraid to go anywhere and I’d also probably die in the first week, but I bet it would be one of the best weeks of my life.

Thinking about experiencing the world makes me realize that I already have. I did go to Hogwarts, get my letter and go on these crazy adventures. I just did them with Harry. We always seem to forget that…


After a short break where I wake up Orissa for the third, maybe fourth time we start Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.

All I keep in mind is that we have one movie left and that we can and will get through this.

  • Hedwig dies and everything seems more real. The journey is almost over and I really, really don’t want it to be.


It was only 10 minutes, but still.

  • Dobby dies.

I know I whisper this, because I always do. “Dobby is a free elf.”

I consider all the spells they use and deicide that “Accio” is probably my favourite, but that’s only because I’m lazy and would use it to get everything.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Orissa has been asleep for awhile.

Kyra falls asleep. I am half and half.

My eyes are open and I’m watching, but I feel like I’m sleeping.

“Guys, one movie left!” I am shouting. They are sleeping too deeply to care. I continue watching.

Verging on 350% tired. This seems like madness.

I can’t help but wonder if any of the golden trios (Harry, Ron, Hermione) children aren’t wizards. I mean, I know we see them go off to Hogwarts, but if there are any more of them are any of them not wizards?

Also do they end up all living near to each other because I feel that they should and do Harry and Ron replace their pets? I don’t think they should…

What happens to all the pets in the final battle of Hogwarts?

These are things I would ask J.K.Rowling if I ever meet her.

Before long the movie ends and I pass out while the credits are playing.

So there we go, those are my notes from during all 8 movies.

Yours within the Bookworm Revolution,

Kat Silver


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