Review: Fighting Wrath by Jennifer Miller

Fighting Wrath is a hot and steamy heart-breaking read, filled with thought provoking moments that remind us we can all fight our demons.


They say that holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. I hold onto it anyway, letting it consume me, as it slowly devours everything I am. I fight to hide my ugliness from the world. Until I meet her. She’s a soothing balm to what ails me, softening the anger that roars within. Unknowingly, she’s healing what’s broken and I’m determined to keep her – to make her mine. But what happens when she sees the monster that lies beneath? Will she stand by me? And what about the whispers that taunt my mind, telling me that she’s hiding secrets of her own? Can love be built on lies, or will the embers of our secrets burst into flames, consuming us both in the end?

Fighting Wrath follows the perspectives of Tyson, a soon to be professional MMA fighter with anger issues and past demons, and Sydney, a sweetheart with a crappy past and hopeful future.

Various trials and tribulations in life have resulted Tysons anger issues and Sydneys work centred mind where she puts others before herself, all the time. After a chance meeting the two are thrust into an adventure unlike any other, filled with steamy romance, thoughtful moments and bookstore dates where the pair begin to discover themselves and see the world differently.

But when secrets are hidden they’re sure to be found and soon Sydney and Tyson are faced with the truth. The question is, are they willing to love each other with all the demons the other holds? Is Tyson able to put what has become his only constant – anger – at bay and is Sydney willing to think of herself and what she wants before trying to help everyone else?

Not only is this a steamy, swoon worthy read but also, Jennifer Miller takes the reader on a journey. This novel is more about romance. It’s about fighting demons, finding oneself and self appreciation. Jennifer Miller sure knows how to tug on heart strings with her heartbreaking and all too real characters that will have you wishing you were there to comfort them in times of need.

Highly recommended for any hopeless romantics in the mood for a steamy romance or any lover of beautifully messaged novels that will leave you thinking about it for days afterward.

Read in under 24 hours. 4/5 star rating and recommended for 18 +

Get your copy, here!

(Provided by the author, Jennifer Miller, in exchange for an honest review.)

Yours within the Bookworm Revolution,

Kat Silver


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