Reasons I read, quirky edition.

I read a lot.

It’s no secret. What seems to be a secret though (to people living under an immensely large rock) is why I (and every other sane human on the planet) read.

When people ask me, “Kat, why do you read?” I’m generally too absorbed in a book to look up and answer them. But when I do answer I end up saying something like, “it’s fun” or “I don’t know, I just do” or “because I can” simply because I can’t think up anything more creative on the spot and because, of course, I want to get back to reading!

But because those reasons are lame I sat down and really thought about quirky reasons I, or anyone else, would read (I doubt I’d ever use some of these reasons, but I was getting creative and didn’t want to keep that from you).

  • Because it’s fun.

I will continue using this reason forever because I love the shock factor I receive when I tell non-readers that reading is fun.

  • Provides an escape from reality.
  • Cheapest way to travel the world.
  • Keeps me out of trouble.

If you know me well then you know my kind of trouble is staying up until the early hours of the morning reading or being an absolute rebel (sarcasm) and reading instead of doing my homework…basically, I don’t get into trouble and would rather stay home reading than go to crazy parties with friends or whatever, but still, this seems like a fun reason.

  • There aren’t any commercials.
  • Makes my teachers proud.
  • Takes me on a journey of a lifetime, where anything can happen.
  • Gives me interesting quotes and facts that I simply NEED to share with people.
  • To make my friends read so I don’t have to go through heartbreak alone.

I do this when I’m having a book hangover (when a book has made me really sad or when I find myself still thinking about it days after having read it).

I’ll read a book, fall in love with it and if something bad happens in the book or my favourite character dies, or there is a huge plot twist that makes me re-evaluate my life, I’ll show up at school the next day, demanding that my friends read said book just so that I’m not the only one going through the feels.

  • Increases vocabulary.
  • Increases writing ability.
  • Something to talk about.

I despise awkward silences.

Over time I’ve found that reading/writing/books are great conversation starters during awkward moments.

If you’re lucky the other people involved in the awkward silence will hop on the bandwagon and begin asking you questions about books or tell you how much they love books/reading and writing.

If you’re unlucky…well, good luck getting through the awkward silence.

  • Books are the ultimate go-to after a break up.

This point is derived from something John Green said. Basically he was saying how, after a break up we can always turn to books for comfort, they never abandon or leave us.

  • Make bookish friends.
  • Make great gifts for others or yourself. No one is judging.
  • Time flies when you’re reading.
  • Books are almost always better than the movie.
  • Books become your friends for life.
  • Perfect procrastination tool.
  • People get the ‘don’t talk to me’ idea, when you have a book in front of you.
  • Look intelligent.
  • Books never tell you you’re overreacting, horrible, rude, ugly, ect. (they don’t judge!)
  • They smell really goooood!

Yes, I’m a book sniffer. So are you, don’t deny it.

I hope you enjoyed these quirky reasons!

Yours within the Bookworm Revolution,

Kat Silver


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