Why I always finish books – or try to.

I started devouring reading books when I was about 10.

Before that I read, but never at the rate that I do now. Over the 5 years I’ve been swallowing books whole I’ve developed this state of mind where I always finish books. There are only 2 books I haven’t finished over the years and there are certain reasons I always finish books – or try to.

  • Authors pour their hearts and souls into their work

Being a writer has really changed my view on books because reading isn’t only about a storyline and characters anymore. Reading is now also about passion and the way authors manage to turn 26 letters into incredible novels.

And because I understand the hard work they put in I can’t not finish what they started.

I feel bad, guilty even, when I don’t finish a book. Even considering not finishing a book makes me squirm, I almost feel like the author will rush at me with sharpened knives and pitch forks, demanding that I finish their novel.

Weird. I know.

  • The story isn’t complete until the very last page

Sometimes, when I’m really getting bored of a novel or I don’t want to read it, I remind myself that everything could get better.

I develop a hopeful mentality when everything seems to be taking a turn for the worse. I’ve found this with several books, where I just plough through, suck up the problems I have, smile and keep reading to find that at the end I actually enjoyed the book, because of the ending.

My internal avid reader motivation aids me in staying hopeful that the book will get better.

To me, not finishing a book is like being interrupted in the middle of a sentence. I hate when that happens to me and feel I shouldn’t do that to the author, who is telling me a story.

  • Reviews

I get sent quite a few books for reviews and sometimes I don’t know much about the book before I get it or I wouldn’t normally pick it up, but really who am I to turn away a free book?!

(disclaimer : I do sometimes not accept books because I know I won’t enjoy them and don’t want to accept a free book from an author and not like it, when there are other reviewers who may enjoy it)

So, when I am sent a book for review and I find myself not enjoying it I continue reading anyway because I have to review it and feel obligated to give the book a rightful chance to make me fall in love with it.

I would hate to turn readers away from any book because of an opinion I have on half the book and not its entirety.

There are several reasons I won’t finish a book though…

  • When I literally can’t.There are just some books that I can’t finish.

Sometimes I just can’t finish a book – because I can’t.

There are times (bare with me) that I would rather watch TV than read certain books and for me, since I don’t watch TV, that is normally my signal where I know I won’t be finishing that book and that’s okay.

You probably have some of those books too and if you don’t be happy – very happy.

  • I don’t like it (a book) and then my friends read it – so I don’t have to.

Because I have a i-must-finish-all-books-or-try-to policy I try completing all the books I read but if I’m not enjoying a book and really don’t want to read it and suddenly my friend, family member, or whatever starts reading that book and they complete it I will drop that book quicker than I’d pick up any cat, ever.

(disclaimer : I would never drop a book on purpose because that’s cruelty and should be punishable by a heavy library, bookstore ban)

If my friends, family or whatever read the book that I didn’t like I will stop reading and have them tell me what happens. Horrible, I know but sometimes it’s the only way to get through a book. I need to know what happens, because I feel I need to understand and experience the story in some way and if for some reason I can’t finish a book and my friends do and they’re willing to tell me what happens –well, looks like the problem is solved then, isn’t it?

  • If a unicorn eats it.

If I didn’t enjoy it and its gone – it’s gone.

If I’m not enjoying a book and a unicorn or an angry cat eats the book I’m not going to go out of my way to buy a brand new book and finish it.

  • Death!

The only other reason I won’t finish a book is if I die, which scares me terribly.

Yours within the Bookworm Revolution,

Kat Silver


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