#WritersLife tag (where i talk about my flaws, secrets to success and thoughts while writing)

For those of you who don’t already know, I’m not only a book blogger, avid reader, fangirl, cat lover and cake enthusiast. I’m also a writer!

I don’t generally have many posts about writing because a) I’ve always used this blog to talk about books and b) I don’t know if any of you wonderful humans who read this blog would be interested in my writing life and c) I don’t know what to say about writing and d) I’ve run out of excuses and didn’t really have a good one to begin with…

So, anyways, this is the #WritersLife tag and I’m doing it because I want to.


What do you eat/drink while writing?


Now you know as well as I do that isn’t a real answer. I don’t eat or drink passion (duh) but that sounds far more exciting than saying that I don’t eat or drink anything while writing.

The thing is, I write too quickly for my mind to keep up and I’m almost always thinking 100 million different things at once which leaves little time for consuming anything.

Example of me writing (thoughts I go through) :

April needs to tell Ben about Lizzie the hamsters gender change. I think I’m going to do that in a text message during class. Maybe Ben will laugh aloud at that and get in trouble? No – I don’t want him getting in trouble. Maybe April will email him? Yes. She will email him in utter distress about her hamster who’s gender has changed. OH MY GOSH how cool is this I’m not even looking at the keys while I’m typing and I haven’t made a single misstakee – dammit! Nevermind.

But how do I know that Lizzie has changed its gender? She was a girl and I know the most obvious reasoning to figure out she’s changed gender is if a boy hamster suddenly has babies but Lizzie has always been a girl…now I have to go back and change his gender through the WHOLE BOOK! Also, I don’t think a male hamster would be called Lizzie? But I shouldn’t be judging. Lizzie could be a boys name. But Kat, how is April going to know that Lizzie is actually a boy?! Maybe it’s female intuition? OH MY GOSH there are only 26 letters in the alphabet and I’m writing a 30 000 + word book USING ONLY THESE 26 LETTERS!!! But back to Lizzie – maybe April just knows? What will happen when Lizzie dies? That will happen next year and Ben and April wont be talking because hmmm…why wont they be talking? They should have a burial! That will bring them back together!

(These were actual thoughts I went through while writing a scene from April’s Fool, my upcoming book on Wattpad.)

So, because I’m thinking so many things at once I kind of forget if I have anything beside me to eat or drink and by the time I look at it again it’s cold or I’m not hungry anymore.


What do you listen to while writing?


I have 4 cats, 2 parents, 2 younger brothers and my own insanely busy mind. I can barely put up with my own thoughts while writing – I cannot listen to the rest of my family too.

Most often I write with music so that I’m in my own little world but there are times when I do enjoy sitting in little busy cafes or in the lounge where there’s music blaring, the TV is on, my brothers are singing and my parents are discussing the days work. It all depends on what I’m writing.

Sad scenes – I listen to nothing but emotion (I’m not even kidding).

Busy/party scenes – every day life.

Everything else – music.


What’s your most debilitating distraction?


I don’t get all that distracted and when I write I disappear from the world and don’t like being brought back until I’m happy with whatever I’ve been writing but if someone mentions eating cake or that they have cake or even if I can smell cake – I’m out of my writing world quicker than…I don’t know, quicker than quick.

If one of my cats climbs onto my keyboard – well, that’s pretty distracting on it’s own. Or when my cats simply sit there, next to me…waiting to be petted. I CANNOT REFUSE THEIR CHARM.

And Christmas well, I just really love Christmas.


What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you while writing?

  • Someone asked to read my book.

I almost died, right there (I’m still recovering).

  • That time I thought I broke my laptop and remembered I hadn’t saved my work so I literally cried because I thought my book was gone forever and it was sad and traumatic and you will only understand this if I say it felt like a child was being ripped from my weak little arms.

(not to worry; my battery was just dead. The laptop was safe. The book was fine too.).


What’s the best thing that’s ever happened while writing?

  • The first time I ever completed a book.

That was a big moment for me, to think that ‘wow. This whole story is done. There is nothing more that needs to be written. I’m done. It’s done. My baby is all grown up.’ I felt like a proud mother, don’t judge me.

  • When I first hit 50 000 words, and every time after that.

You may see the number and be like, ‘oh wow. 50k everyone can do that.’

Yeah, okay buddy – you go and write 50 thousand words that make sense and then come and talk to me.

  • When I write a piece, sit back and I’m like ‘…maybe I can actually write. Huh. Imagine that.’

I get moments when I’m like

“I can’t write a single word to save my life and when I do write them they’re all wrong and horrible and don’t even look at me.”

But I also get moments where I’m like,

“Damn I’m good. Queen of cats right here is writing a book people. Look out world, I’m coming for you!”

  • The first time someone complimented me and every time after that.

The first writing compliment I received was from my mom (didn’t count) then some other family (still didn’t count) then friends (still, didn’t count) then some random stranger who was like;



Who do you communicate with while writing?

My mother (thanks, mom!).

She is a shining star in my sometimes hazy and dark void of useless thoughts.

When I’m stuck (even when I’m not) I lean on her for help and ideas. When my characters are fighting I tell her their problems and hope she can help me while I drown myself in a pool of chocolate and caramel because I don’t know how to fix their lives (yes, this is really how I feel sometimes).

She helps me with all the names I’ve ever used (book titles) and without her, I’d name them all ‘Untitled’ or something like ‘girl and boy who fall in love’ or ‘*cool name for book*’.


What’s your writing secret to succeed or hidden flaw?

To succeed:

  • Don’t compare yourself (your book) to published books. They have 754 million thousand people helping them. You have you.
  • Finish what you start

The story isn’t over until the end. Don’t leave your characters hanging.

  • There is no such thing as writers block ( I will have a post on this soon )
  • Write every day
  • Read. A lot.


  • I think I’m a terrible writer.

Some may not see this as a flaw and simply a confidence thing but I really, really don’t think I’m good which means I often stop whatever I’m writing and think I’ll never accomplish anything.

  • Existential crisis.

Enough said.

(If you don’t know what it is, look it up but basically I stop believing there is any point in writing because we’re all going to die anyway and no one will really care about what I had to say.)

  • I used to ( I PROMISE I DON’T DO THIS ANYMORE) only describe my characters for their hair and eyes.


What always makes you productive?

Self motivation. Really.

I want to write books. So, I write books.


I’m going to cheat and give you a little more than a single sentence.

This piece is recent and hasn’t been through editing yet. The conversation being had here is between twins Rebecca and Kameron and their father, Jack, who is going to ask his ex-girlfriend to go out with him again.

Just to contextualise: Patrick is a pet rock (I’m not even kidding) that Jack and Jill had, while they were dating. Patrick recently passed away.

“I’m taking her on a date today.” The girls didn’t move. “Ask where,” he probed in a whisper.

“Um, okay,” Rebecca filled in, “where are you taking her?”

“To the pet store to get a new pet and then we’re going to set Patrick to rest, the way he would have wanted.”

Kameron and Rebecca exchanged wide eyed glances.

“Well, good luck with that,” Kameron told him.

“Thank you, thank you.” He did a little bow, “now, if you don’t mind. I’m off!”

“Carpe Diem, dad.” Kameron shook her head.

Once he was gone, the front door closed behind him Kameron sighed.

“I feel so bad for him,” Rebecca said.

“I know. I mean, I’m not Jills biggest fan but I know how much he loves her. I just really want him to be happy but I know she’s going to trample upon his heart with her red hooker heels.”

“That’s not why I feel bad for him.”

“Oh, why do you feel bad?”

“They don’t have rocks at the pet store,” Rebecca said, making Kameron burst into a fit of laughter.


by Kat Silver

I hope you enjoyed this inside look to my #WritersLife!

If you’re a writer, I tag you to do this too!

Yours within the Bookworm Revolution,

Kat Silver


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