(my thoughts on stress and how the heck I carry on going when I JUST CAN’T.)

Generally, I’m not a stressed person.

But recently I’ve found myself to be the type of person that’s buried in 3 essays, 5 assignments and 2 projects at the same time while writing a story on Wattpad, reading 4 ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) books for authors, proofreading another book, going to school from 7am to anywhere between 4-8pm all while trying to juggle a social life, edit my own book and still keep afloat. (Okay, I’m exaggerating. I only have 4 assignments not 5.)

Life is stressful.

Everyone gets stressed because we all have a lot to do all the time. Whether that involves blogging, reading, looking after kids, earning a salary, going to school or whatever else – we all get stressed and recently I’ve been extremely stressed, so stressed that over the last few days I’ve just felt like falling onto my bed with cupcakes and staying there until my life sorts itself out. But because life isn’t perfect (and because I don’t have cupcakes at my disposal) I can’t do that.

All I need to do is work through everything on my plate. Seems simple enough, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s easier said than done.

I find it easy to say that tomorrow I will work on all my projects and write all my essays and call a friend and find some time to have a relaxing bath but please – no one has time to call a friend (or do anything else). I’m always too busy!

I guess I could try taking some of the stuff off my plate. That would definitely lighten the load.

I could put my wattpad story on hold. I could postpone all the reading I have to do. I could take a break from blogging and uploading to social media. I could do all these things to make my life easier but, I won’t because that’s not who I am.

Many people see me and say things like “wow! I wish I were as dedicated as you!” or “how are you writing 3 books!? You’re 15!” or something like, “I wish I had as much passion as you when I was your age” or, “I wish I could do what you have and kept my grades up, like you do!” or, the worst, “you’re going places!”

But what these people don’t know is how I do it all. Yes, maybe I am dedicated. Maybe it is cool that I’ve written a book or two at age 15 but that’s because I NEVER STOP WORKING!!! If I were to take things off my plate I wouldn’t achieve everything that I want to.

It’s easy to say that I’ll take the day off from writing and school work and blogging but then I’ll be behind schedule and never get anything done.

So, basically, what I’m saying is that slowly I’ve been drowning in everything I have to do.

I kind of look at my life like I’m running. I’m running and running and running and I know that if suddenly I stop; I’ll topple over, fall and probably won’t get back up.

So yes, maybe I am drowning in everything I’m doing. Maybe I am feeling stressed. But if I stop for a second I will be lost among the mass of everything I’m doing and won’t have the determination and strength to start myself up again.

I know we all feel like this though.

I know that we all feel stressed and feel like we simply. Can. Not. Go. On. But we will and we must because if we don’t we’ll fall and get hurt and get swept off the track to the medics where we’ll be left alone to feel sorry for ourselves.

So yes, I am stressed. Maybe you’re stressed too.

Yes, we sometimes feel like crawling into a ball and holding a pity party.

Yes, that’s okay.

Yes, we have to get back up.

Yes, you CAN do it.


Yes, keep running.

Yours in Stress,

Kat Silver (from the Bookworm Revolution)


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